Friday, February 17, 2006

Sprees: Yarns & Mags

The best part bout joining such knitting groups is able to buy stuffs online and share the cost of shipping. If you have shopped online before, you should be aware of how high shipping can cost. by gathering orders in bulk, shipping can be shared among the spree particpants.

As the local SnB leader (as what they call in the SnB Global yahoo group), I have done a few sprees. and things have work out fine, 'cept for the exchange rates.

So far has been a favourite among the local knitters, with the cost shared, the shipping cost per ball (50g) came up to be +/-SG$0.70, this is the average so far.

In the future, will be looking at UK yarns. as the knitters matures with more experience, its time to knit with better quality yarns.


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