Thursday, September 14, 2006

23rd Sept Meetup

1pm @ Suntec Starbucks.
Hope to see ya there with your FOs, WIPs, crafts of all sort and etc.

Think this date is right after the IMF at Suntec, so those who are driving would be more convenient.

if any of your friends who knits or crochets, but not in this forum are also welcome to join us.

We encourage crafters of various levels to join us. no worries if u aint master in any, cuz I'm just a jack of both trades (knit&crochet).

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Feb 28th Meetup

Diana came to collect her Knitpicks loot, McQueen, eeling, Cara, cin, novice aka Rita, June, Ziyun and me turned at CityLink TCC cafe. In the midst, half the group was feasting on 1/2 priced waffles at Gelare.

A list of 2005 meetups had been kindly archived by Cara HERE. (You will required to register at the forum to access the 2005 happenings.)

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Feb 17th meetup

Althought it supposed to be at 4pm+, a handful of knitters was already there before 3pm. i saw Cara, Cindy, McQueen and knitknit aka Wendy and Mei. I hope Wendy's boss isnt reading this, cuz she "snake" down for awhile. Wendy, hope u get the rough idea of mattress stitching your pieces together.

As time flies, Kessa (her knee should be getting better), Belle (for the first time), Bonnie (long time no see) and June (right after work) came over.

*Did i miss out anyone?

kessa has some pics from her phone's camera.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Future group events

Knitting PotLuck
- we have always been at cafes sipping cuppas, it time for some real food, hopefully no junk food.
- Belle has offer her place for the event, so will let her set the dates and times.
- Real food means healthy food and drinks, homecooked ones are definitely welcomed.
- COntribution from everyone is very much appreciated.
- Salads, pastas, popiahs, sushi, desserts and ....etc....

MRT Knit-a-long
- MRT is one of the major public transports in Singapore
- Knitters can gather or drop in from various stations for this event.
- Knit while standing or sitting, this will create a very big awareness to KIP (knit in public)
- A chance for driving-knitters to have a taste of knitting in public transport.

Both events will be held on weekends. Dates and details will be discussed further in the forum.

I look forward to more particpation and support from SnB knitters!

Sprees: Yarns & Mags

The best part bout joining such knitting groups is able to buy stuffs online and share the cost of shipping. If you have shopped online before, you should be aware of how high shipping can cost. by gathering orders in bulk, shipping can be shared among the spree particpants.

As the local SnB leader (as what they call in the SnB Global yahoo group), I have done a few sprees. and things have work out fine, 'cept for the exchange rates.

So far has been a favourite among the local knitters, with the cost shared, the shipping cost per ball (50g) came up to be +/-SG$0.70, this is the average so far.

In the future, will be looking at UK yarns. as the knitters matures with more experience, its time to knit with better quality yarns.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Round up of Feb 4th meetup

Bugis Junction was bursting with activities yesterday, with the drop by of 2 celebrities.

anyway, Kessa was the next to arrive after me, her phildar top look really good in person and on her too. Hope she finishes her Jaywalker socks soon.

Next was June with her Orangina and Print 'O Wave, then Cara who's always there to answer our questions or to spot our mistakes.

McQueen came after lunch with Cressida's back. and lastly Chweekuey arrived to start on her French market bag.

We managed to attract attentions, be it wanted and unwanted ones.
a Taiwanese lady approached us and sat down for a chat while she waited for her daughter's class to finish. so let's welcome Mei onboard.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

First Knit Out in 2006

Date: 4th Feb, Sat
Venue: Bugis Junction Coffeebean & Tea Leaves.
Time: 11am ~ 4pm

see ya there!~

Monday, December 12, 2005


to all knitters and craftsters as well.

This is Singapore Stitch 'n Bitch, the group has been registered with the Stitch 'n' Bitch Groups Worldwide. Thus the official group.

I will facilitate the updates of SnB Singapore events/meetups/knit-outs. Dates of such events will be posted here and discuss over at Knitters Community. You are encouraged to register at the forum to enjoy all the fun.

Affiliation terms will be set up accordingly.

Meanwhile I can be reached via loisleong(at)gmail(dot)com