Sunday, February 05, 2006

Round up of Feb 4th meetup

Bugis Junction was bursting with activities yesterday, with the drop by of 2 celebrities.

anyway, Kessa was the next to arrive after me, her phildar top look really good in person and on her too. Hope she finishes her Jaywalker socks soon.

Next was June with her Orangina and Print 'O Wave, then Cara who's always there to answer our questions or to spot our mistakes.

McQueen came after lunch with Cressida's back. and lastly Chweekuey arrived to start on her French market bag.

We managed to attract attentions, be it wanted and unwanted ones.
a Taiwanese lady approached us and sat down for a chat while she waited for her daughter's class to finish. so let's welcome Mei onboard.


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